To Vote or Not to Vote

As the election draws near, a lot of people are posting that they voted, and showing their stickers, and telling the story of their polling place, and I suppose that’s great. Everybody’s sharing an experience, and it’s a more positive one than just wearing a mask.
But, come right down to it, I don’t see voting itself as a virtue. If somebody is voting against the things I believe in, and for things which I don’t, I’d be perfectly happy if they stayed home. If somebody is completely uninformed about the issues, and is likely to vote on the basis of how their friends and family are voting, or on some totally superficial criteria (look! he has a dog!), I don’t see any point in haranguing them about the ‘moral imperative’ to vote.
In fact, after it’s all over, it’s not a point on which we will be judged. If you meet a hot girl, or a hot guy, at a bar sometime in the middle of November, ‘Did you vote?’ is not likely to be your first question and, if it is, ‘No, I never vote’ is not likely to be an answer that would prevent you going home with them.
The way I see it, not voting is as much a choice as voting, and people should have just as much right to it.

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