It’s still too early to call, it could go either way, but as I watch the morning news here on Central European Time (it’s still late last night in the U.S.) it looks almost exactly like 2016. Which is no surprise, since the Democrats have run exactly the same campaign as they did in 2016.
Trump won Texas, and Florida, and a huge swathe of what is often referred to as ‘flyover country,’ i.e. most of the U.S. Biden won the West Coast, and New York, and Massachusetts. Just like 2016.

My feelings are mixed, but I knew that going in. It’s not as if Joe Biden was going to take action on anything I’m concerned about. And, I’m still angry about the way they screwed Bernie. On the other hand, four more years of the same is not a pleasant prospect, either.

I am looking out my window and the leaves of most trees are solid gold, except for the chestnuts, which are mostly brown and one tree is almost entirely bare. They don’t care. They are oblivious. And that puts things into perspective.

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