One More Day

After a year long campaign which at first brought us hope, then despair, then anger and hostility, not to mention extreme anxiety on all sides, it will all be over tomorrow. Maybe a couple of weeks down the road, if things get complicated.
I’m not making any predictions, I reckon it’s about a 50/50. If this is just a replay of 2016, as it certainly appears to be, then Trump will win. If there is a different dynamic this year, if the revulsion with Trump is as widespread as Biden supporters think it is, then Biden will win. Polls, and most experts, are predicting a Biden win. But they’re wrong about half the time. So, still, 50/50.
Either way, the American people will have lost. They were offered a choice between two elderly, decrepit, corrupt, power seeking individuals who are both anti-environment, anti-health care, and very much anti-getting big money out of politics.
There is no right choice. So, after it’s all over, nobody should blame the voters, even if they voted in a way you thought wrong. The voters didn’t have any good choices.

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