The New Look

Much has been written about Facebook’s new look, almost all of it negative – in fact, all of it I have seen has been negative – and I basically agree. None of the changes were necessary and some are downright obnoxious.
This morning, a few minutes ago, I decided to unfriend somebody. I’d never noticed him before, didn’t recognize the name, and his post was both ungrammatical and rather blatantly sexist. So blatant I thought perhaps it was intended as a joke, but it was not funny. Basically, it was ‘make me a sammich,’ but with a lot more words misspelled.
So, I went to my page to see if he was a friend. He was, surprisingly, and we had rather a large number of friends in common. However, when I’m unfriending somebody, there is a second step. When I look to see if we have friends in common, I then look at those friends. If I don’t recognize them, either, I proceed to unfriend without worry.
Anyway, I found the unfriend command after a bit of searching and watched the little wheel spinning round and round. Then came the confusing part. With no actual confirmation that he’d been unfriended, I clicked on it again. Now I wasn’t sure if he was truly unfriended or if I’d just inadvertently refriended him. It’s like if you have 3 locks on your door and leave one of them deliberately unlocked to confound burglars, but you forget which one it was and lock yourself out.
This is not entirely the fault of the new Facebook. I’ve had this problem before. But, still, it wouldn’t hurt for them to make it clearer. A simple announcement, a box perhaps, saying ‘this person is no longer your friend’ would do nicely.
Why can’t they just make things easy? I’m sure it’s just as easy as making things hard.

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