Trash Talk

Most people use Facebook to stay in touch with their family and friends, maybe to post some pictures from their latest vacation, or their children, or to talk about food, or music, or whatever they’re interested in. Some people post pictures of their gardens, some of their cars.
Myself, I probably spend most of my time arguing about politics, although I quite often post on poetry sites as well. The thing that often surprises me is that people get just as angry, and vehemently defensive, and self-righteous about poetry as they do about politics.
“The dung of stars” is what we’re all made of, I guess, that was the metaphor used, and I thought it kind of a crappy metaphor (pun intended). Actually, I thought it was overall kind of a useless poem, but I just decided to criticize that one line. Of course he replied, to say he didn’t need to reply to me, as my ignorance was vast and unfathomable.
I can understand an argument over politics becoming heated, and descending into personal insult. Happens all the time. You either get used to it, and don’t let it bother you, or you don’t last in those conversations, and come to avoid them.
But poetry?
Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain. It’s good that people take their writing seriously (even if it’s not great writing), it’s good that they are passionate about it.
It doesn’t really have much effect on the real world but, to be completely fair, neither do most of our internet arguments about politics.

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