The Crown, Season Four

Now, do not get me wrong. In my considered opinion of history, Maggie Thatcher was a horrible person who caused great suffering to working class Brits, and serious long-term damage. She was the U.K.’s Ronald Reagan, an appellation which she would wear with pride but I see as a badge of shame.
But, we’re watching season 4 of The Crown, and I find myself rooting for her a bit, because she is the first Prime Minister who has ever stood up to the Queen and properly resented the old cow and her entire social class for being privileged and using all their protocol and sniggling little rules to cover up for what would be considered, in anyone else, an appalling lack of manners.
(I’m talking about the episode where they invited the Thatcher’s to Balmoral Castle, were not present when they showed up because they were all out trying to kill a wounded stag, left instructions that dinner was black tie, and then they all tromped in in hunting clothes and talked about nothing but the hunt at dinner, pretty much as if the Thatcher’s weren’t there)
I’m not an anti-royalist, not 100%, I can understand the arguments about it being tradition, and good for tourism and, besides, it’s not my country so there’s no real reason why I should care, but Britain could easily slash the royals allowance and confiscate like 90% of their properties, and it would be a great improvement.
As people, I don’t see much admirable in them at all.

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