Upcoming Poems

I’ve been writing quite a few short poems lately, often just a sarcastic response to somebody on the internet, and only about half are interesting enough in their own right to post on my poetry page (I mean Rattle’s Anything Goes poetry page, not the gurukalehuru poetry page where all of my stuff winds up archived) and once they’re posted there, they often don’t get any response.
But, I’ve got a couple of long poems that I can feel forming in my head, and I’ve got this blog and no idea what to put in it, so these are just some ruminations on those poems to come.
One is sort of the idea that a life is a microcosm of history, although the background is always different, and each generation has a lot more modern conveniences than the last, there is birth, and death, and the full range of human interactions in between, but also that human history is progressing on a large number (an infinite number, almost) of parallel tracks, there is the history of art, the history of cuisine, the history of marijuana, etc…
The other is about the Power of the Universe and how even though we are a tiny little speck in the vastness of space, we nonetheless can harness that power, absorb and become one with that power, and that would empower us greatly.

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