Dumb Movie Night

Opinions on movies can change on a second viewing, sometimes, and it was over 20 years ago that I first saw ‘The 5th Element,’ so, I decided to give it a second shot.
I’d pretty much completely forgotten the plot, but remembered that I thought it was a ridiculously bad movie, something about the really hokey alien costumes not really fitting. Things like that work in Guardians of the Galaxy, or similar sci-fi spoofs, but this film (as I remembered) tried to tread the line between comedy and action adventure and therefore, failed on both counts.
Anyway, my estimation of it went up a bit on second viewing. Not that I’d ever rate it as a sci-fi must see. Some stuff was cool, especially when they were creating Mila Jovovitch’s character, but for the most part they had flying taxis, and a very cool resort in outer space, and that was about it. New York still looked like a slum, drive-in windows at McDonald’s were still popular, and they still used land-line telephones, for goodness sake. (which, admittedly, didn’t bother me at the time it was made, because nobody saw that coming)
But the big difference is that this time, not only wasn’t I paying money to see it at a cinema, which causes me to expect more from a film and be more disappointed if it doesn’t deliver, but also I just went into it with lowered expectations, so I kind of enjoyed the outrageous costumes and pointlessly bizarre plot contortions.
Then I watched Allegiant, which I believe was part 3 of the Divergent series. The whole violent factions fighting over a post-apocalyptic hellscape thing has been a bit overdone, but it was still a fun movie.

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