Is it the Algorithm, or is it Us?

The question was asked, “why is their so little intellectual content on Facebook” and most of the answers fell into two neat categories. Either “it’s the algorithm, this is all Mark Zuckerberg’s fault,” or “what can you expect, people post what they post and there are a whole lot of people out there who like cats better than thinking about stuff.”
The obvious answer is a little bit of both. I hate to say that, because it sounds like a cop-out, a common method of avoiding conflict and not pissing anybody off, but it is true.
How can we know it’s a bit of both? Because both exist. Whether it’s 60/40 or 90/10, this way or that way, that’s another argument.
Personally, I suspect that it’s way more down to the membership than the algorithm, like 90/10. Stupid, bland and meaningless comments don’t just write themselves.
Anyway, there are more intellectual sites. You can find out a lot on Quora, for instance. Or by eliminating all the obviously stupid people from your friends list. But, then you won’t have many friends.

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