Normally, I find made up words to be kind of silly. A quick look at urban dictionary will show you literally thousands of words and phrases that people just made up and you would never have any idea what they meant without consulting urban dictionary and, after having done that, you try to use them in real life and get nothing but blank stares or the social media equivalent, which is zero responses.
But, I just saw one two minutes ago which legit needs to be a new word, and the word was legiterally, or its adjectival twin, legiteral. It is an obvious portmanteau of legitimate (or its shortened form, legit) and literal, which is one of the most misused words of all in this era of rampant misuse of words.
Since most people use literally incorrectly, to mean figuratively, or to mean ‘that’s a great metaphor and totally fits in with the stuff I agree with, it is necessary to point out when it is being used properly.
It saves us from either having to say literally literally, which could confuse people and some might think you still mean figuratively, you just mean it really, really hard, or adding an entire extra sentence, i.e. “Yes, I know the meaning of the word literal and am using it deliberately and correctly,” which is a bit overly verbose.
Legiterally explains it all very concisely. It is a word whose time has come.

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