The Monolith

Tonight’s topic is nothing politically controversial, it is not about something which is a threat to the human species or even democracy, nor is it about some scientific discovery which will change everybody’s life for the better.
It’s just a kind of weird, funny thing that I want to share the link to, in case there’s anybody who hasn’t heard about it.
A helicopter crew, who were very scientifically counting the bighorn sheep in a wild, rocky, desert region in southeastern Utah, noticed a big, steel monolith. Well, big is a relative term. It’s 3.6 meters in height, which might put it just above the roof line of a single story, flat roofed building. And it looks pretty much exactly like the monolith in 2001, a Space Odyssey.
The article in the Guardian says ‘it may have been put there by a fan of 2001.’ I don’t even see that as a ‘may have been.’ More like a ‘well, duh.’
He (or she, or they, because just getting it there would have been more than a one person job) is obviously a fan of the movie. That’s the whole point. My question is ‘how long has it been there?’ because it may have been years and years. That requires an incredibly amount of patience on the part of the artist, who as of this writing has not stood up and taken credit.
In a way, it reminds me of the whole crop circle phenomenon. I must admit, I considered them legit evidence of alien visitation, until a couple of college students stepped up to take credit, and explained exactly how they’d done it.
Whether anybody ever steps forth and takes credit for this one, only time will tell, but I say this: Good on you, dear subversive artist, whoever you might be. Full credit plus bonus points.

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