The U.S. Supreme Court just decided that religious institutions are exempt from the rules against large gatherings, and recently appointed Christian Warrior Amy Coney Barrett (who was confirmed with almost zero resistance from Democrats) cast the deciding vote.
Of course I think this totally violates the concept of separation between church and state. To their credit, though, it’s not just churches. The wording clearly says ‘religious institutions’ so Jews, Muslims, Satanists and Pagans can also gather in large groups and infect each other, although I think Satanists and Pagans are actually smarter than that.
I actually think the whole ban on group gatherings is a bit unconstitutional, but I accept the safety concerns.
This could lead to a huge spike in the number of religious people who get infected, but maybe not. Just because they’re allowed to gather in large numbers doesn’t mean they’re required to, and maybe the smarter and/or more cautious among them will choose to stay home.
But, I doubt it.

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