Proof or GTFO

I just finished reading an article complaining about the Netflix series The Crown, but in the spirit of skepticism which modern communications necessitates, the first thing I looked at was who wrote it. I don’t recall his name but it started with Royal Biographer…
And that strikes me as true of most of the complainants I’ve heard so far, except some people complaining about Gillian Anderson for talking in that weird, wooden way but if memory serves me correctly, that’s what Margaret Thatcher actually sounded like, so I credit Agent Scully for the win on that one.
Of course the royals and their employees and sycophants are going to object to the film. It shows the British Royal Family as being a real, but very dysfunctional family. Whatever the specific words ( a lot of the complaints are just he/she didn’t say THAT, as if the writers have to get every bit of dialogue verbatim) used, they did ruin Margaret’s love affair, and pretty much forced Charles to marry Diana, after sending him to that Lord of the Flies prep school and shitting all over him for speaking in Welsh, in Wales, and they were kind of dismissive of Andrew, Edward and Anne, and they weren’t supportive of Margaret’s very successful diplomacy with LBJ, and Philip is an arrogant old, elitist who occasionally blurts out something incredibly racist or sexist without thinking about it, and the Queen really is amazingly out of touch with the lives of real people.
This is all information that’s available elsewhere.
So, if the critics of the series have evidence that some facts, or incidents, or even conversations were significantly misrepresented, then they can take it to court and let the people with funny wigs decide. Otherwise, they can just back off.

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