Where is the Rest of Life?

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson once explained, on Bill Maher’s show, a fundamental problem with the U.S. congress. “Law, law, law, law, businessman, law. Where are all the engineers? Where is the rest of life?”
It’s true. Well over half the people in congress come from the legal profession. Barack Obama taught law. Bill Clinton was the Attorney General of Arkansas. Kamala Harris was the Attorney General of California. These are not people who are looking for the best for everybody. These are people who are skilled at finding loopholes and helping their wealthy clients screw everybody else.
But there is no rule that says it must be so, and I think the newly born People’s Party, if it is to succeed, would do well to heed DeGrasse Tyson’s advice. First, it is very important that they field congressional candidates in as close to 100% of districts as possible. If we are looking to career politicians, we are looking at a very tainted pool and most of them are already committed to one of the two bloodsucking capitalist parties who are destroying the planet and oppressing the poor.
We should try to find doctors and nurses, those who got into medicine because they truly want to help people and cure diseases, because surely a couple of hundred of them in congress would be able to bring about universal health care, and that would save a huge amount of lives.
We should recruit teachers, because working in congress to get better funding for schools, establish a pre-K system (which is also important to working parents), eliminate college debt, and make college tuition free would accomplish so much more than they could possibly do in the classroom.
We should try to recruit farmers who know, firsthand, more than anybody about the disastrous effects of climate change, and want to really do something about it.
And some engineers. And some accountants. And some bartenders.

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