This is What You Get

When you voted ‘Blue No Matter Who’ it left you wide open. You were saying to the Democratic Party ‘we will vote for absolutely any candidate you present, no matter how anti-working class they are’ and your wish was fulfilled. You now have a president who is going senile (There is a tremendous amount of evidence. Yes, they’ve managed to keep him propped up, probably a combination of drugs and keeping him out of reporters’ way except for very controlled appearances, but there is plenty of publicly available evidence, on YouTube, of Joe Biden forgetting where he was, what office he was running for, Barack Obama’s name, or the word ‘constitution.’), who is far more handy with women than feminists like (Yes, I believe Tara Reade. And, yes, I know Trump is worse. This blog is not about Trump. This blog is about what you get when you vote ‘no matter who.’), and is not at all interested in universal health care, saving the environment, raising the minimum wage, or legalizing marijuana (he’s against it). You can see all this from his cabinet picks. None of them are environmentalists, all of them have corporate connections.
You do not go into a restaurant and say ‘just give me anything.’ You do not go into a pet shop and say ‘Whatever, just give me an animal.’ You do not walk into a car dealership and say ‘Give me whatever you like, as long as it’s blue.’
That was a stupid way to vote, and the whole world is about to be punished for it.

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