More About Vikings

Here are a couple more observations about Vikings, the TV series that is. First, I see lots of British people moaning and bitching about The Crown. Many people think Charles is portrayed unfairly, some people resent the portrayal of Maggie Thatcher (I think that’s coming from both sides), some are saying Philip is portrayed unfairly, as if hi isn’t an arrogant, entitled, casual racist in reality, and I’ve even seen some people defending Camilla Parker-Bowles on the grounds that “Hey, they weren’t boinking each other through ALL of Charles and Di’s marriage,” because there were maybe a few weeks after the wedding when they didn’t see each other. But I haven’t heard from a single Norwegian objecting to the characterization of Harald Finehair, even though if you go to Wikipedia you get an image of a beloved and popular king who ruled Norway for about 50 years, but in the series he’s a cruel, opportunistic back-stabber who exists at least half a century before he actually did. I guess Norwegians are a bit less obsessed with defending their royal lineage than the Brits.
Also, there is the oft heard maxim in contemporary politics “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Well, I’m sick of that. In Vikings, everybody is aligning with their enemies enemies, and then killing the ones they’re aligned with just as soon as possible, and it really leads to a horrible mess.
In modern terms, it’s often used to say that progressives should align themselves with extreme right wingers, because the DNC is an enemy to us both.
But, that way lies madness.

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