Family Feud

I do not mind arguing with Trump supporters and right wingers. In fact, it’s easy. That’s both because their positions are completely illogical, often self-contradictory, and it’s easy to find their flaws. It’s also easy because I have no reservations about putting them down, we are so clearly on opposite sides. There is no ambiguity. It’s a bit more difficult to argue with friends and family who consider themselves liberal, but are actually not, according to my definition, which includes Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, etc…
However, even if I’m not entirely comfortable with it, I’ve become used to the argument, and I just have to accept that we are not on the same side. Not even close, really.
But I really hate it when progressives fight with progressives. We’re on the back foot now, anyway, and it is counter-productive, as well as nasty. It’s like a sports team that has talent enough to win, but half the players hate each other, and spend the whole game figuring out who they should blame for their loss.
I am not happy with Jimmy Dore right now, because he is being quite vehement in his criticism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who I admire greatly. Calling her a phony, and a sheepdog, and things like that. On the other hand, I agree with his specific criticism.
Dore says AOC should not give Pelosi any support, should refuse to back her as speaker unless and until she gets a commitment to bring Medicare for All to a vote. Now, it might not be a winning vote the first time around but what it would do is force every Democrat in the House to either vote for it or against it. That way, every Democratic candidate who votes against it will have a target on their back in 2022, and so they should. The only way we’ll get universal health care is by threatening these people’s jobs.
I just hate it, though, when he makes it a personal attack. I want to like both of them, and Jimmy is making that really fucking hard.

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