On Dreams and the Star Trek Universe

This is not such an original thought, but it is an amalgamation of a couple of different thoughts, which had to have been at some time original thoughts to somebody, and since I thought of it just now, I’m writing about it.
It has been said (this was probably Freud, but maybe it comes later, but even if so, it is just an extension of Freud) that every character in your dreams is yourself. That much is obvious when you think about it. Even if you have a dream about someone else you know quite well, the dream is being created inside your own head, therefore that person is the mental image you have of them, and anything they say or do is originating in your own mind.
Well, I was just scrolling through Facebook and saw something on the Ferengi rules of acquisition and the thought struck me that the same is true of the Star Trek universe, on a macro scale, i.e. all of the characters actually are human. The Ferengi, of course, represent our greed and our love of money and material possessions, the Klingons represent our basic, most physical emotions, if they were actually Earth humans they’d be getting into fights in bars and such. I think that’s why Klingons are so popular, we all just want to hit somebody sometimes. The Vulcans are what we know we should be like, but I know I wouldn’t actually want to be one. They are not much fun at parties, you almost never see them smile, and they only have sex once every seven years. I suppose they represent our conscience. The Betazoids are kind of the opposite, they are all about emotions, and romance.
Maybe I’m stretching the analogy a bit far but, on the other hand, maybe I’m not stretching it far enough. TV, books, sports, music, or a walk in the park, anything can be a Rohrschach test. Give 10 people the exact same experience and you will get 10 different reactions, and that will tell you more about those 10 individuals than it will about the experience itself.

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