PC Police v. Peppa Pig

One of the great joys of having children, when they’re small, is that you get to watch a lot of cartoons. So, I have seen Peppa Pig, and I like the show.
So, when I saw one of my Facebook friends saying she was thinking of boycotting Peppa Pig for what she deemed an unacceptable joke, I was a bit taken aback.
Apparently Mama Pig told Peppa “Mother’s Day is real but Father’s Day is just made up.” Now, I didn’t actually see this episode, as my kids are teenagers now, but I can pretty much picture the scene. The line was undoubtedly followed by piggy laughter, which is literally snorts. That’s the whole thing about the show, lots of piggy sounds. It’s very funny.
The joke itself is kind of funny in a classic TV battle of the sexes way. It’s like Al Bundy saying “Women’s golf is not a sport.” And, it’s funny because obviously both holidays are made up. All holidays are made up. The calendars and the days of the week are made up. But, I’m getting off topic.
She had allies and they went on a bit about parenting roles, and gender stereotyping, and sending kids the wrong message, and so on. I guess their intentions are good, but this is PC gone hog wild.
Everybody loves Papa Pig.

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