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I’m not an expert on House rules, so I’d appreciate any comments from people who actually are (and not from people just saying shit like ‘you have to be realistic, Nancy Pelosi is the only choice,’ because Nancy Pelosi is shit and if that’s the best choice possible, the U.S. has failed as an experiment in democracy and the human race is likely to go extinct because the oil producers have a complete stranglehold on the most powerful country on Earth), but I do know where the battle lines are drawn, and to me the math seems simple.
If AOC, and the ten or so representatives Jimmy Dore named (basically, the newly expanded squad) refused to support Pelosi for speaker, then she won’t be speaker. Despite all of the threats coming from centrist Democrats, who really do not deserve the name Democrat, which was once applied to people like FDR and Harry Truman, who actually gave a damn about working class people, that if Pelosi doesn’t become speaker, someone even more right wing and horrible, maybe even a Republican, can be swiftly dispatched by saying “We won’t support them, either.”
For a Republican (i.e. Kevin McCarthy) to become speaker, as I have heard seriously mentioned, would require crossover Democrat votes. Certainly progressives wouldn’t support them, either. Especially since Medicare 4 All is the key issue, the key reason why they should refuse to support Pelosi.
If Democrats did cross over, and vote for a Republican speaker, it should at least prove once and for all time to those blinkered vbnmw voters that some of the ‘Democrats’ in congress are actually Republicans at heart. They feed at the same trough.
That might be a Pyrrhic Victory, but it would be a victory, of a sort. It would keep the movement alive and intact, keep the embers of the fire burning, and possibly convince the ‘any democrat’ crowd that they’ve been had.

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