Long Lines at the Borders

About 3 or 4 years ago, we took a mini-vacation to a friend’s cottage in a small village in the extreme southwestern corner of Ukraine, in the Carpathian mountains. It was stunningly beautiful, and a photo from that vacation is still my profile pic on Facebook.
On the way back, we were in a long line, several hours long, waiting to cross the border into Slovakia, and I said to the kids “Kids, this is what it was like at every border before the E.U.” and they found that rather shocking.
Today, I was looking at a photo from Kent with trucks (or Lorries, if you must) backed up for miles and miles. When you can’t see the border checkpoint from the back of the line, you know your day is pretty much ruined.
There may be some good things come out of Brexit. Maybe British people will learn to enjoy local produce, of which there is plenty. It is not called a ‘green and pleasant land’ for nothing. Maybe what’s left of the EU will find it a bit easier to make decisions and move forward without the Brits always putting a wheel in the spokes and thinking they should be the dominant member.
But, mostly, it’s going to be a damned inconvenience for anybody traveling to or from there, a terrible expense for importers and exporters, and not good for either the U.K. or the European economies. We really should be working to make it easier to travel and trade throughout the world, instead of the other way around, just on basic principle.
It’s one world. We all live here together.

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