Christmas at the Cottage

Tomorrow morning we’re heading off to the cottage, Sam and I. Helena and Isabel are already there, so we’ll be taking the train, which I enjoy much more than the bus.
We will eat carp, and potato salad, and those curly, pale sausages that I don’t really like very much, and the mushroom cake which I find to be a very dry way to consume mushrooms, but there will be the Christmas cookies, as well, which I like a lot. I hope I’ll have a few chances for long walks in the countryside or hikes through the woods, and maybe if the skies are clear we’ll be able to sight the Saturn Jupiter conjunction, we’ll certainly be well away from city lights but it’s probably just as overcast and rainy there as it has been here for the past several days.
In fact, that was about what I expected from this astronomical phenomenon. It’s the way it’s always been. Pretty much every major astrological phenomenon in my life, including Halley’s Comet, I’ve failed to see. Not really too bothered by it. Space is something I know is out there, I love reading about it, and knowing that scientists are examining it in great detail and discovering more and more.
I don’t actually have to see the evidence in the sky with my naked eye. That’s why we have telescopes. And television. And documentaries about space.
Anyway, I’ll have my computer with me so I’ll continue to blog from there. If I get too preoccupied and don’t, well, Merry Christmas.

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