The Dukes of Lizzard

Anthony Quinn Warner, who committed suicide in quite spectacular fashion in Nashville, on Christmas Day, by filling up his camper van with explosives, parking in front of a building of a company he didn’t like (AT and T, something about 5G technology), and blowing himself to smithereens, after giving people plenty of time to evacuate, because he was apparently a nice guy like that, was quite a quirky character.
He was convinced, for one thing, that Lizard People are on the Earth, and pretty much running the show. I’m hoping we find out more details about his beliefs because, tragic as his death was, the whole Lizard People theory is pretty hysterical, and nobody else died, so it’s O.K. to laugh about it.
Here’s my idea for a TV series. The theme song, of course, is Downtown by Petula Clark, because that’s the music that was blaring from the van just before the blast. Every episode, the evil alien lizard people conspire among themselves, eating lizard people food and speaking a lizard people language (lotsss of sybilants), to implement some nefarious new way to torment the human race but a plucky band of neighbors, or maybe little kids, or a dogged and persistent ambitious young journalist, inadvertently foils their evil plot, sometimes coming near to exposing them, but they always revert to status-quo ante, and each episode ends by revealing that somebody you trusted is actually a lizard person, and thus the cliff-hanger.
You could splice in interviews with real life people who believe in lizard people, both to add a bit of reality to it, and to mock them, of course. It’d be a hoot.

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