We’ve had four years of mixed horror and laughter at a Republican administration, so now be prepared for four years of horror and laughter at a Democratic administration.
Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) delivered the opening prayer at a session of congress the other day, and, as far as politically correctness gone wild and flat out dumbshittery, it was a doozy.
First, let me state for the record that I don’t think they should be opening with a prayer at all. If you work in an office, or a factory, you probably just show up at your position at start of shift and start working. They should do it like that. It’s a place of government, not a church.
But, it was the ending line of the prayer itself which was so comically stupid. Amen and Awoman, Cleaver said. Leave aside the fact that, if the idea was just to be gender equivalent, he should have said Amen and Awomen, so plural matched plural. Really, leave that aside.
If we are to substitute female nouns and pronouns everywhere we see male ones in the language, even in words which have no natural gender, you come up with things like herstory, which is a rather clever neologism to mean ‘women’s history,’ which is, admittedly, an undervalued part of history. But, you also come up with a hell of a lot of stupid shit.
It is an over compartwomentalization of huwoman womentality, in which we are fundawomentally experiwomenting with language, sort of a PC pig Latin. Why do we say herpes and not himpes? Why do we say “Wake up, sheeple!” if half of them are heeple? Even if people did start talking like that, which they won’t, it would not change the relationship between men and women in our society.
That’s going to be the work of generations and is only going to come about through a lot more communication, and understanding of the psychological and physical differences (and similarities) between actual men and actual women, and not just the various syllables which relate to us.

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