Musk’s Good Day

My big news of the day is that my latest book of poetry, A Country’s Just a Place, is now available on Kindle, either for 99 cents U.S., which I think is a darned good deal, it’s only a bit over a penny a poem, or for nothing. I’m not sure if there’s some difference, like maybe 0 is a read only version and the 99 cent version you can keep, or if this is just a special, one time introductory offer, but if you’d like to own one of your books but you’re a broke bastard (as I know a lot of people who like poetry are), just hop over to Kindle and order your free copy now.
Elon Musk had an even better day than me. He made like $20 billion and has overtaken Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person. I’m a bit surprised. Once Bezos passed the $100 billion mark I thought “Damn, nobody’s ever going to be able to catch that.” Just letting his money grow for him without making any risky investments, he’s probably ticking over another billion every few days, and each increase increases the rate of increase, and so on.
But, the value of Tesla stock went up a little bit and now there are two people in the world with over $180 billion, we may well have the world’s first trillionaire within a couple of years, and there are still people in this world who live in poverty. It’s bloody ridiculous, is what it is.
Not the part about Elon Musk having so much money. The part about other people having so little.

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