The Lesson of Qanon

I just read a very informative article about Q anon, written by somebody named Rabbit Rabbit, which is almost undoubtedly not the author’s real name, because it’s probably not anybody’s real name. However, the article was extremely informative.
It was also super long and, I must confess, by the end of it I was just skimming the paragraphs. But, it did get me thinking. Basically, the idea of Q anon is to nurture conspiracy theories by allowing for apophenia (Jesus in a piece of toast) and encouraging people who find things like that. The author described it as ‘a game that is playing the players.’
So, I’m thinking if it’s that possible to manipulate outcomes just by encouraging people to see what they can see, it should be possible to come up with a site which would actually encourage people to exchange relevant statistics, facts, logic, and the occasional bit of anecdotal evidence because that does add in the human factor, which is important, and figure out a path (because that’s what Q anon does, if I’m interpreting it correctly. It creates a path for those people who want to go straight into Cuckooville) to get from where we are now to a happy, healthy, self-sustaining civilization and environment without war, or poverty, or crime; which would not be a democracy of ideas, but a meritocracy of ideas. A site which would not determine the most popular answers, but the best answers.
A site, or a game, or whatever you will that could do that would be a tremendous thing for the human race. And if designers were to draw on the success of Q anon to build such a platform, that would add irony and humor to the whole thing.

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