Is it right, is it fair that Trump has been banned from Twitter? Should Parler be taken down, or Qanon?
Well, here’s how I see it. Free speech is really, really important and even right wing retards have a right, almost even a need to express their opinion. If you stop somebody from saying something publicly, they’ll say it privately, and that might be even more dangerous.
There’s talk of shutting down Parler because Trump supporters used it to organize the protests in Washington. This is a bit counter-productive, if you think about it. Since Trump supporters used Parler to organize this event, all the authorities needed to do was to read Parler, and they could have prevented 5 deaths. In that case, the solution is not to ban Parler, it’s to hire more police officers who know how to read.
But, I’m not entirely opposed to some limited censorship.
Back when I first started with social media, back when Facebook and MySpace were considered equals, one of my main sources of information, and favorite places for debate, was the Huffington Post (where I no longer go, because they censored me too many times). At the time, their comments section was horrible. Filled with obnoxious people who made huge drawings of cats all done in semi-colons, and people who would just type fuck you over and over again, so their comment took up several pages and just scrolling through it was obnoxious. Then, they had a crackdown and the whole thing became much more readable.
So, you have the extremes. Obviously, total censorship is bad because that’s not a free society, but a total lack of censorship and our civil discourse becomes buried in white noise, to the point that society can’t move forward.
Freedom v. Security. If you live by yourself in the forest, far away from other human beings, you have complete freedom. You can howl at the moon in the night time, swim naked in the creek at dawn, and shout Fuck You! so loud that the squirrels run away, but you run a greater risk of being killed by a bear than someone living in a town, with neighbors. The townies, on the other hand, are not free to do those things, but they have a much easier and, in my opinion, desirable life.
So where, oh where, do you draw the line? It’s a good question.
First, I would suggest that we need more platforms, and not fewer. The more places right wingers can gather online to talk about their plans the better. Second, I do kind of buy the argument that Facebook, Twitter, and all the others, being private concerns, can censor whom and what they like – but, since they dominate social media, if they decide to start censoring heavily, it’s a threat to our freedom. So, maybe there need to be a few sites which are not private, but publicly owned. Not instead of, in addition to.

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