Crying in the Airport

I’ve been watching YouTube videos of all the Trumpistas being kicked off, or just not allowed on, flights, and it is an endless source of comic delight. I hope when they eventually wend their way home, they will also be met with appropriate derision. Anyway, I wrote this poem about it, which I’ve already put up on Facebook and Rattle’s Anything Goes poetry page, so this blog is a bit of overkill, perhaps, but it’s an appropriate topic for today, so here goes:

They raise their guns above their heads

chanting very loud

They’re bold and they are fearless

defiant, fierce and proud

but when they’re at the airport

and they’re not allowed to fly

it’s embarrassing to watch them

as they whimper and they cry

The storming of the Capitol

was their last, their golden chance

Now, they’re going home alone

and pissing in their pants

and here’s a short compilation video:

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