Inauguration Day

It is 1:40 p.m. in Prague, so by the time it gets to be that in Washington, D.C. about 6 or 7 hours from now, Joe Biden will have been inaugurated president. All of my vbnmw friends, the white liberals MLK warned us about, are positively giddy with the mediocrity. The news coverage leads me to believe that most Biden supporters were lovers of “The Crown.”
Jill Biden will be wearing purple. This is a fact we all know. Whether or not he’s going to start a war with Venezuela, or Iran, we’ll just have to wait and see. We know that Biden visited a cemetery, and had a little ceremony for those who’ve died of Covid. But we haven’t heard a peep out of him r.e. universal health care, except that he’s against it. That is the one thing that would help now, and with any future pandemics (which we’re probably going to continue to have, because he doesn’t really give a shit about the environment, either), but it’s important to note that Tom Hanks, who once had Covid, will be at the inauguration.
I’ve seen lots of people posting about how rude the Trumps are being by not attending the inauguration, and by not graciously welcoming the Bidens to the White House.
Well, you know what bothers me? How chummy the Obamas are with G.W. Bush. Sure, we know that Trump’s got no class, and no manners, but the Democrats have no reason for existing. They don’t object to war, they don’t object to corruption, but by golly, they sure know how to dress appropriately, and observe all the traditions.
I would blame the press, as I usually do, but in this case, that’s what the majority of the American people want. The American people are way too easy to please.

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