No Cause for Celebration

This is cheating a little bit, because I already posted it as a Facebook comment, but it’s blog length, so here you go.

Somebody told me to go be a party pooper on my own page, so here it is. Comments and arguments are welcome.Sure, it’s good that Trump is no longer president, and I am happy the event transpired without violence. But that doesn’t mean that “America has returned to normal” and it certainly doesn’t prove that normal is good.We had a candidate, an honest candidate, who has been working tirelessly for the working people of America for the last 40 years, and he was cheated out of the Democrat nomination by rich people, the mainstream media (owned by rich people) and slimy politicians (who work for rich people).Joe Biden is a million miles away from being an adequate substitute. If we want to save the planet, we have to redouble our efforts, both in the political arena and outside of it, because the planet most definitely does not have a friend in the White House. We have to be more vigilant than ever about the U.S. starting unnecessary wars to oppress small countries on behalf of the oil industry, because everything in Biden’s record indicates he’ll do that if he gets the chance. We have to continue to insist that Black Lives Matter, because Biden just loves the police and he’s the one who gave them carte blanche to stop people for no reason, beat the shit out of them with impunity, and throw them in jail forever with his stupid crime bill of 1992. And we have to keep fighting for the legalization of marijuana, which really should be a no-brainer but dinosaurs like old Joe Biden from the ‘Reefer Madness’ generation have just been opposing the devil’s lettuce for so long they can’t stop, no matter how many of their own families get busted for cocaine. In short, go ahead and celebrate your pseudo victory, your awards ceremony for ‘not even 2nd best but, hey, there are worse,’ but remember that us Bernie people have not gone away.We will be watching, and calling out the bullshit, every single day.

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