The Reaction to the Reaction

There’s a comment that’s been seen in multiple places, with absolutely identical wording so it obviously comes from a troll farm, and it goes something like: “I admit that all the Bernie memes are funny, but why was he sitting there all grumpy and mean, being disrespectful to the first black, woman vice president, etc…”, which is wrong on so many levels I could write all day about it.
But, it’s an unworthy comment, and just betrays the bitterness of the centrist democrat, the ‘white liberals’ Dr. King warned about. They are, essentially, unhappy that Bernie Sanders exists, and will always be the center of attention because there are millions of people who adore him, and are fanatically devoted to the things he believes in, like economic justice, and preserving the planet, and health, and education.
The other night, I was watching a clip where Seth Myers was interviewing Bernie Sanders about the meme (and several more important topics) and it was good, and friendly, and Bernie managed to get in all his talking points. But then, in the manner of YouTube, I wound up watching the next clip, which was James Corden making a joke about the memes, Bernie Sanders was with their band, and then in the audience, etc…, which was kind of funny, but then it turned nasty, he was going on about “Do you think Bernie knows about these memes? Do you think Bernie even knows what a meme is?”
Which is exactly the Trevor Noah kind of shit that late night comics pulled over and over again while trying to sabotage his campaign, he’s old (he’s about the same age as Biden), he’s out of touch (he’s clearly not), he’s a little bit crazy (only if you think making the world a better place is crazy).
If the old saying ‘It’s funny cause it’s true’ is true, then none of those jokes are funny. James Corden has been added to my shitlist.

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