Isn’t it Ironic

I just saw an article – which, I admit, is different from ‘I read an article.’ I confess, I am a headline browser, if I really want to know more about a subject I will read the article, but with this kind of thing I get enough from the headline for a good laugh and don’t really need to know the details.
A guy who was arrested for being in the Capitol riots had been previously banned from an airline for refusal to wear a mask. Not really surprising, just makes him more of a dick and makes me double happy that he got arrested. In fact, with so many of these arrests, there is some little tidbit that tickles the old schadenfreude, that tickles, titillates and amuses.
From the guy who did the Davy Crockett/Viking/American flag genre crossover cosplay wanting organic food in jail to the women who was shot dead, who had tweeted “Nothing will stop us!” just a day earlier, there has been so much delicious irony. Some of it might have been a bit exaggerated. I don’t know if heart attack guy actually tazed himself in the balls while trying to steal a painting, or if the woman carrying the Gadsden ‘Don’t Tread on Me flag was actually trampled to death, but it might have happened. “Medical emergency” covers such a wide range of things, doesn’t it?
Another rather ironic twist is how many of these people are being turned in by friends and family members. It isn’t just the vast majority of the American public was sick and tired of these unhooded klansmen, the people they know apparently don’t all like them very much, either. I can imagine. Always carrying a gun at the Dairy Queen, bringing up politics at Thanksgiving dinner, and rooting for the wrong side in all of the old WWII movies.
One other thing that encourages me about these arrest stories is that they are still making arrests. Some of them might even face justice. Wouldn’t that be grand.

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