In Space We are All Human

Joe Biden is a terrible human being but, as much as I dislike him, I am aware that he is getting as much flack from the right as he is from the left. When I bitch about his energy policy, it is because he is too friendly with big oil and, while he gets huge publicity for stopping one pipeline, he quietly issues 30+ new drill permits at other sites, but the right is all about “He’s killing oil industry jobs!”
That said, I’m not sure what I think about the cancellation of a test launch for Elon Musk, that was supposed to take place recently. According to the Washington Times, it is a sign that Biden wants nothing to do with Musk, and is anti-space, and that means China will be the first to Mars. According to the Wall St. Journal, it was just a routine cancellation due to weather. Neither of those is a source I particularly trust, and most news articles on the subject I couldn’t access because ‘not available in your country,’ so all I know is that one launch was canceled, but it did get me thinking.
In space, we are not Americans, Europeans, Chinese or Russian. Anybody who makes it into space is, quite literally, beyond all that. Yuri Gagarin’s name will be taught thousands of years from now, provided there are still human children to be taught, and it won’t matter that he was Russian. When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, people around the whole world applauded, and it didn’t matter that he was American. When you watch Star Trek, they are out in Space and they talk of Earth fondly, as home, but there are no national distinctions. That’s true of almost all science fiction.
We are on a small planet, adrift in the vast universe. Our efforts in space should be co-operative.

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