Censorship of social media is getting heavy handed. YouTube has decided to demonetize a whole bunch of left wing bloggers, such as Caitlin Johnstone, who is probably my favorite single political analyst at the moment, and has an uncanny way of leaving me saying “Wish I’d written that,” and Niko House, who was among the first to seriously call out election rigging in the 2016 primaries. I’m a bit off Niko at the moment, as he is going beyond Jimmy Dore in his fight against AOC. Admittedly, his beef with her is the censorship issue itself, and she’s on the wrong side of it, but calling her a fascist was going a bit far.
Still, I definitely don’t think he should be censored. He gave his reasons, he defined his terms, so even if it was hyperbole, it wasn’t slander. And, I’m sure that’s not the reason they censored him, anyway. There are people they are defending, but AOC isn’t one of them.
Also, a few of my friends on Facebook have suffered the banhammer. “Community Standards.” And I know one of them just posts pro-marijuana stuff all the time, so it seems that Facebook’s “community standards” were written some time in the 1950s.
What to do? Sure, it has been suggested that Facebook should become a public entity but, as much as I’m in favor of socialism, actual appropriation of private companies by the government is going a bit far. That’s not Bernie Sanders type socialism, that’s Soviet style socialism. But, having one public forum, like NPR, or the BBC, might be a good idea. I say might, because the government can put the kibbosh on free speech as much as any corporation, and it has happened many times throughout history.
What I’d really like to see is one site become the go-to place for left wing views. A full service site, with news, comments, expert analysis, music videos, book reviews, debates, interviews, and more comments.
Meantime, I have a suggestion for whoever’s job it is at Facebook to prioritize which shit they post. I was reading the caption beneath a photo today, and almost ready to click on the article, because I like Medea Benjamin, and she was going on about Trump’s military parade, but then I realized: he’s not president now, this article is probably a year old, maybe two, and why is this even showing up here. Shouldn’t there be an algorithm that just checks the date, and deprioritizes stuff that nobody is even talking about any more?

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