Reversal of the Natural Order

I have been writing this blog, roughly once a day, for over 10 years now. Not as many people read it as I would like but, in addition to trying to get my views in front of an audience, it also serves as a writing exercise for me. For about the last 8 of those years, I have also been writing a short poem a day, to post on Twitter and Facebook, with a link to the blog. It’s also a writing exercise, but I find it surprisingly easy to write, as it doesn’t have to be any longer than a rhyming couplet. Anyway, I always write the blog first and the poem after but earlier today, a short poem, which isn’t actually very good, popped into my mind, but it is something I can write a blog about, so that makes my life just a little bit easier.
Everything’s ironic
it’s always cool to be hot
if you think you’re intelligent
you probably are not

Of course, everything is relative, and we are all victims of Dunning-Kruger syndrome to some extent. But, the more we learn, the more we realize that, in this great, grand universe which is all around us, we don’t know shit. Worse than that, there are not only things we don’t know, but things we will never know. We have not seen to the edge of the universe, for instance, and we do not know if there is one. We can’t really figure out electrons, and other sub-atomic particles, because they move every time we look at them.
But what if people were smarter? Would it lead to solutions to all of our problems, or would we just find more sophisticated ways to screw everything up? I don’t know. Nobody knows. Because we’re not that smart.

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