Throwing the Trial

Normally, I don’t consider Politico a good source of information. They are rabidly pro status-quo and were never nice, or even fair, to Bernie Sanders. Also, they say “according to multiple Democratic sources,” which is somewhat less than giving an actual name and far, far less than ‘we’ve got it on tape.’ But, they have actually quoted somebody who, as far as I know, hasn’t denied it, and it totally fits in with what I suspect a congressman to say, so I’m believing this one until convinced otherwise. Here it is.

And, in fact, the Democrats did not call any witnesses, they proceeded to the vote, knowing they would lose. They did not force Republican Senators to listen to witnesses like the policeman who was beaten by the mob, who were screaming kill him!, kill him!, or the one who had his eye gouged out, or the widows of those who committed suicide, those in the mob who received Trump’s tweets and acted on them, or those congress people who were trapped in their offices.
They did not force Republicans to sit through the drip, drip, drip of steadily accumulating evidence and the steady erosion of public support that accompanied the Watergate investigation, for months.
Instead, they proceeded to a vote, knowing they would lose. That’s because they were never really trying to win. It’s all a big show. They are on the same side.

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