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Well, I truly must crank out a blog today because I missed yesterday entirely, but I don’t have a single, compelling topic. I asked my wife this morning what I should write about and she said “Spring” which I think is still a bit premature although all of the snow from last week is totally gone and then I looked out the window and saw a couple of little girls sitting in a tree, much more of a Spring than a Winter thing to do, but still, not much more to say about Spring except that it will be here soon, it’s not here quite yet, and I’ll be happy when it is.
I don’t want to write about the news because the big news here is that they’re becoming even more restrictive on the quarantine criteria, certain regions within the country are even sealed off from all other regions, and the news from the U.S. is that everything still sucks and will probably continue to suck for the next 4 years at least. That’s part of the big problem with writing a daily blog, and has been for almost a year now. It can start to sound incessantly negative because if it isn’t, it’s not true.
So, I’ll just talk about the movie we watched last night on Netflix, but I don’t want to do any spoilers, because it’s a great movie and you all should watch it. “I Care a Lot” is the name, and it is the story of a con artist who manages to get legal guardianship over vulnerable elderly people, lock them up in an old age home, and then sell off all their property. Then, she messes with the wrong old lady. It was billed as a dark comedy. My wife disagrees, but she liked it because she loves all these very dark police procedurals. I thought it was very funny in parts, but she has a point. It was more crime thriller than comedy.
Classify it however you like, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

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