Senate Parliamentarian?

When I read that the Senate Parliamentarian had advised against a $15 an hour minimum wage being included in the current ‘budget reconciliation’ bill, which I put in single quote marks because I imagine that is a misnomer, a euphemism if you will, because most government bills are. Like an ‘economic stimulus package’ that just gives a bunch of money to rich people, or a ‘defense budget’ which is almost all spent on offense, but hey, we’re only one sentence in and I’m digressing already. When I read that the Senate Parliamentarian had advised against $15 an hour, my first reaction was “What the fuck is a Senate Parliamentarian and why have I never even heard of this position before?
Technically, the Senate has 100 parliamentarians. It sort of seems redundant that they should need somebody to inform them of what they can and can’t do. Somebody who, in fact, is not elected, but appointed. (I’m not sure if she’s appointed by the Senate, or by the President, or by some secret office of the deep shadow state)
I’ve never heard of any legislation being blocked by any Senate Parliamentarian before in my life. People have threatened to take legislation to court, and sometimes the courts have ruled against legislation (not often, especially not recently), but that there’s one person with this kind of power, and we’re just hearing about it now, is kind of mind boggling.
This particular Senate Parliamentarian, Elizabeth Macdonough, has been the Senate Parliamentarian since 2012 and if she’s blocked anything before this, she’s managed not to be blamed for it, because I’d never heard of her before.
Happily, she only has an advisory role – which I’m not really against, btw. I think congress should also have a body of scientists to tell them when one of the bills they are writing is totally stupid and likely to destroy the planet. So the Democrats, being aware that something like 2/3rds of the country is in favor of raising the minimum wage, knowing that it would be a huge economic stimulus to people who need it most and will spend it fastest and thus stimulate the economy overall, and that if they don’t give the voters something, they may lose control of congress in the next mid-term elections, will just ignore Ms. Macdonough’s suggestion, and use their majority status to force this bill through, right?
You would think so. But, if you’ve been paying any attention to Democrats over the last few decades, they will just throw up their hands and say “Well, we would have raised the minimum wage but the Senate Parliamentarian wouldn’t let us, what are we supposed to do?” Almost fucking guaranteed.

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