Getting Off Topic

The meme read “Forget Metal Detectors, Congress Needs Lie Detectors” I responded “Fact Checking is lie detecting,” which it is in a way and I thought rather a clever point. Then somebody added “Depends on your sources. See Rashomon.”
That irritated me a little bit. It sounded like a self righteous argument against what I said and Rashomon is a work of fiction, so what does it really have to do with anything? It seems like all anybody wants to do in an online conversation is divert it somehow, bring up a film or movie or something completely unconnected. It’s not so much “I have a valid point to insert into this conversation for your consideration and debate and more “Look at me! I can reference cool things!”
Well, before going off the handle in print and looking like an idiot, I decided to look up Rashomon and it actually was kind of a relevant comment.
Rashomon is about a murder, which everybody gives a completely different account of, so obviously some are lying, or at any rate telling ‘their own version of the truth.’
I’m quite familiar with the genre, my wife loves all the cop shows like that: ‘Broadchurch,’ ‘Black Spot,’ ‘Border Town’ and oh, so many more, where everybody in town is lying their asses off to the quirky and troubled detective from out of town. Because the truth is really elusive, and everybody has their own agenda.
So, yeah, doubt all sources. And keep on questioning.

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