Why Q?

Why is it Qanon and not A anon or B anon, and as I type that I realize that A anon can stand for alcoholics anonymous, so I guess that was out but why not, say, M anon or J anon? Well, it’s probably a coincidence, just a choice of names which stuck, but I do have a hypothesis here.
I suspect that it is because q is one of the lesser used letters, valuable in scrabble but also dangerous, because if you don’t also have a u and there are none on the board that can be played off, you get stuck with a high value tile at the end of the game you’re in trouble. It’s not just use it or lose it, it can be use it or lose everything.
It’s not even a necessary letter, as it can be spelled as kw, like in Kwiki-Mart, and kw is no more letters than qu. Think about that.
But, my hypothesis is that because it is not used as much in English as, say for instance, s or e, it gets snatched up for other uses, like Q in James Bond, who’s the guy who hands out all the cool gadgets, or Q in Star Trek, most annoying of all intergalactic supervillains.
Or, currently, Qanon.

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