World’s Worst Excuse Ever

“Pizza, guns, drums, music, family, and God, that about sums up my life” Robert Aaron Long wrote on his Instagram page. Then he went and shot up 3 “spas” where he’d been a customer (yeah, I’m sure they were brothels, but this isn’t about that) killing 8 people, most of them Asian women.
He says it’s because he’s got a sex addiction. He’s been in rehab for it and everything, because as a devout, oh so very devout Baptist he knows that sex is wrong, and he tries, oh , he tries, but then his parents kicked him out because he was just watching porn all the time. So, he just had to go kill those girls, to eliminate the temptation.
Dude, sex addiction is bullshit. All guys are horny all the time, that’s hormonal, it’s a natural part of being a guy, you get frustrated some times, and girls put you down, and you feel bad, and maybe you go out with hookers now and then, but lots of guys do that without ever killing a single person.
Yes, you have mental problems, clearly, but sex addiction is not one of them. So, you watch porn for hours on end. Millions and millions of people, probably billions, of both sexes watch porn now. Most probably for 20 minutes or less, but still, even if you watch it for hours on end, it doesn’t classify as an addiction, or at least not one that’s any more harmful than playing Fortnite for hours on end. Both have the same net result as far as anyone else is concerned.
Heroin, now that’s an addiction. Cocaine is an addiction. Alcohol can be an addiction. Those things will kill you.
But, if you are insistent, I say society should get you the treatment you need. Top of the line rehab. Complete isolation. Safe from all sexual temptation in a secure facility with bars on all the windows and high walls around it and guards with machine guns to make sure none of them sexy Asian ladies ever bothers you again, for the rest of your life.

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