I went to the store this morning and on the walk back home I say something that made me really happy. Buds. The first small, bright, but unmistakable, 100% new growth buds on a single bush. Well, I felt pretty good about that. I like Spring. Things change every day, the cycle of life is actually moving at a pace that is visible. It is an inspiring time of year, a time when poetry gets written.
So, I had a Zoom lesson coming up, two groups of little kids, and I decided to do a Spring theme. I’d go through the flashcards, but make each of them come up with a sentence which ended “…in Spring.” It worked pretty well. The whale eats plankton in Spring. The door is open in Spring. I sit on the chair in Spring. So, anyway, it’s rolling a long, getting to be a bit of a chant, this in Spring, that in Spring, and my wife comes over and taps me on the shoulder and points out the window and it’s snowing. Not like sort of vaguely snowing, like big white flakes being whipped along on a high wind.
Well, that made me laugh. Anyway, the snow all melted off in about 5 minutes, when I went down to take out the garbage after the lesson there were puddles all over and you’d have thought it just rained, if you hadn’t just seen it snow. So, I still feel that Spring is fairly clearly on the way.
But just now, I went out to smoke a last joint before writing this and then going to bed and, lo and behold – there’s snow on the ground again.

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