Christians v. Pagans

Today is Easter Monday, which is when the holiday is actually celebrated here, so it’s as good a day as any and better than most to discuss the differences between Pagan (People Against Goodness and Normalcy) and Christian Holidays. I don’t actually celebrate myself. As far as the whole Christ is Risen thing, I basically think Christianity is nonsense. It’s a spring holiday, a celebration of resurrection, to be sure, the grass is growing, flowers have appeared, there are green buds on all the trees, and it’s possible to go outside without a winter coat. Thousands of years ago, when the holiday was a new thing and clothing was less sophisticated, it was possible to go outside without dying. So, it’s obvious that there would be a holiday at this time of year, and it’s obvious that it would be chock full of fertility symbols, like eggs, and rabbits.
Same with Christmas. The church leaders do not have, nor have ever had, any way of determining Christ’s birthday (and historians have no actual proof that he ever existed, it’s sort of like Robin Hood or King Arthur, a hodge-podge of stories that were written down later, back before photography or DNA tests), but they saw all these pagans they were conquering in the north celebrating with gifts, decorated trees, fires and copious quantities of alcohol, and rebranded it. Smart move, you have to give them credit for that.

Still, if I had to choose to worship anything, it would be trees, rivers, eggs, rabbits, birth, and the sweet, sweet sunshine that comes back around every time this year.

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