AOC vs. The Left

When Jimmy Dore first attacked AOC, for not putting any pressure on Nancy Pelosi at all to act like a decent human being, I leaped to her defense. That’s largely because I don’t care for Dore’s strident, one could even say hysterical, tone. I find him hard to listen to, and I put Lee Camp and Nikko House in the same category. 90% of the time I agree with them, I just find them hard to listen to.
But, after a day or two, I had to admit that Dore’s argument made sense. It appeared AOC had turned her back on Medicare 4 All, and on a $15 an hour, minimum wage, just to appease Pelosi, who none of us on the left want to see appeased.
Now, there comes the revelation that AOC is actually fund raising for Democratic candidates who don’t support any of our goals at all. The dividing lines are the same as they were before. A lot of people on the left saying AOC has sold us out, and a lot of other people on the left saying we need to stop the AOC bashing, because that is tearing the left apart.
There is little doubt that the left is in disarray. We were crushed in South Carolina and the aftermath, and we are being marginalized in the current congress. We are not likely to accomplish any of our goals soon, or by political means at all, with the possibility of the legalization of marijuana. But even that is very much slowed down to a state by state thing now.
Once again, I find myself siding with AOC’s critics. AOC needs to decide which side she is on. If it is the left, she owes us all a clear and detailed explanation for what she has done, and what her strategy is going forward. Just saying “Don’t bash AOC!” over and over again isn’t going to cut it.

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