The Most Important Film of the Year

I didn’t watch the Academy Awards, haven’t watched them in years. It’s sort of like pro sports, or a beauty pageant. I don’t object on principle, and would watch if other people were watching, but I don’t really care. What films the Hollywood elites think were the best are not necessarily the ones I would like the most, and it seems sort of silly to hand out prizes for doing something they’ve already been paid millions of dollars to do.
But, Michael Moore had a few things to say with regard to this years ceremony. Here: “Before the Oscars begin, if I may, in this year of Reckoning, I want to honor what is truly and unmistakably the most important film of the year. It was only 8 minutes and 46 seconds long. It was filmed by a 17-year old young woman under excruciating and courageous circumstances. She stood on a curb in Minneapolis, framed her camera perfectly, and held it steady as the murdering cop stared directly into her lens with the steely, frighteningly look of “YOU’RE NEXT.” But she wouldn’t stop. And because she didn’t, the whole world saw what Black America has witnessed for 400 years. And now we know this is a daily occurrence. And not just the murdering of Black people with guns or knees (lynching), but with poverty, hunger, awful schools, crap jobs, mass incarceration, no health care — a daily killing of body and spirit and hope. Thank you Darnella Frazier for your gift, for creating a moment of justice. Much more to do for sure. But for tonight, assuming most of the Academy would agree, please accept this virtual Oscar for your moving picture that moved billions. Some day, I hope to hand you the real thing! Many blessings to you.”
Kaboom. Truth bomb. Definitely the most important film of the year and not only wasn’t it a Hollywood film, it also wasn’t a professional news crew. Truth is important. When the professionals won’t deliver it, the amateurs have to get to work.

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