Everything’s a Rorschach Test

The meme said “If there was a mirror that would reveal your personality when you looked into it, would you look?” and that got me to thinking. Of course looking into a mirror, in a way, does reveal your personality. If you look into mirrors frequently, you are vain. If you look into a mirror too closely, perhaps you are insecure. If you look into a mirror and start making faces and laughing hysterically, you are probably drunk.
Your personality is with you always, so pretty much everything in your life, how you do it, how you react to it, will be a reflection of your personality. Everything is a Rorschach test.
Eating is a Rorschach test. Are you a glutton, a gourmet, a finicky eater? Do you prefer a sit down meal or a snack while walking? Everything from your choice of food to your choice of location to your choice of company is a reflection on your personality.
How you walk is a reflection on your personality, or how you drive. Something about driving, specifically, seems to bring out the inner rage monster in many individuals.
What you watch on TV most definitely is an indicator of your personality. I’d like to point out, at this juncture, that I watch a lot of nature documentaries, but it’s not true. That would indicate a mellower, more in touch with nature personality. What does it say about me that I watch a lot of cheesy Korean sci-fi? I don’t know, but it’s probably not good.

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