Bringing Back the Blimps

I quite enjoyed reading this article. I don’t expect to see HAV’s (Hybrid Air Vehicles) taking over the skies any time soon, because the article appears at an environmentalist site, and it seems like the only people they interviewed were company executives. Of course they’re going to speak of it in glowing terms and not look at any of the possible negatives.
But it looks cool as hell, with big plush seats, lots of leg room, and big windows with outrageous views, which may be a bit much for us acrophobic types but it’s impressive as hell. That’s what could sell it. If you’re flying from D.C. to New York, or London to Paris (the manufacturers say they’re planning to use it for the short hops – maybe because it’s slower than regular jet aircraft, maybe because those routes are not as lucrative for the big airlines and kind of a pain in the ass), the luxurious experience of sailing silently through the sky with a greater amount of space than you would get in a tuna can might make it very popular with the traveling public.
I’m in favor of it because it will reduce the airlines’ carbon footprint by around 90%, but it’s the experience which will sell it.

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