Facebook’s Big Flaw

Well, it’s late and I’m uninspired so I’ll just write down a couple of lines here about one of my pet peeves with Facebook. I’m sure everybody has a list of things they would do better if they were Mark Zuckerberg, but this is just one teeny, tiny little thing, which would probably cost them next to nothing and would make my life much easier, and those of similarly short attention-spanned readers as well.
Sometimes, when I want to refresh the page, or just leave Facebook and do something else for a while, I get a message that says “You have not completed your comment,” and there are two boxes below that, marked ‘stay on page’ and ‘leave page.’ Would it fucking kill the guy with a hundred billion dollars to add a 3rd box, which says something like ‘view comment’ or ‘return to comment’? Without that, how am I supposed to make an educated guess as to whether it’s worth it even to scroll back and finish the comment, or just allow it to dry up and disappear, on an afternoon desert wind? But, I can’t do that.
So, I scroll back, and back, and back. Sometimes I find that it really was a zinger of a comment, appropriately scathing, and I end it and send it and that’s it, and sometimes I find it was just a slip of the finger, and I’ll find a letter or two in a comment box, and so I delete it so I can move on with a clear conscience, and sometimes I can’t find the offending unfinished comment at all, and so I search again.
Just that one little extra box would save thousands of people minutes a day. Do the world a favor, Mr. Zuckerberg.

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