The Guru Fifi

Rabbits are kind of useless as pets. You can’t throw a ball and have them bring it back like a dog, and they are even more indolent and indifferent to human presence than cats. So, I don’t actually recommend them but we’ve had Fifi for about 7 and a half years now, and I am fond of her.
Right at the moment she is under the living room table and there is every possibility she will stay there for hours. Rabbits can do that. They are like women sunbathing, they can stay in the same spot doing absolutely nothing for hours.
I do not understand that mentality. It is foreign to me. I don’t even like sitting for 20 minutes on the Metro, or in a car, without doing something. Playing games on the phone, reading, something.
Sometimes, she sits on the couch and we get a good view of her, staring straight ahead. I wonder what’s going on in her little animal mind and I imagine she is a guru, meditating, and totally at one with the universe. She’s probably closer to it than I am, at any rate.

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