More on Teplice

One of the first signs that somebody is lying is when they change their story. There could be legit reasons, I suppose you always have to judge on a case by case basis, but at the very least one of their versions is untrue, and its still very possible that both of them are, because if they’ll lie once, they’ll lie twice.
Anyway, after the police killed that guy in Teplice yesterday (and would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those danged camera phones) by kneeling on his neck, they said that he died from drugs.
Today, the police released a video, which I guess they believe exonerates them, but it doesn’t. It shows the man, who is clearly not a member of society in good standing, lying on the sidewalk, shirtless and filthy. Some guy standing at a safe distance is saying something to him. He starts flailing around, and gets up, and starts heading toward the guy, who steps aside, and the derelict, homeless (yeah, maybe a Roma, too, but that’s really beside the point) guy goes over and starts pounding on the window of a parked car.
Not exemplary behavior, not a likeable character from what little we know. But that was no excuse for the police to murder him. Yet murder him they did.

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